Keep Calm and Downton On

 January 3rd saw the return of the popular long running PBS/Masterpiece series, Downton Abbey, which pbs_logochronicles the trials and tribulations of the Crawley family, and their servants, at their country estate, Downton Abbey. The downton display 2016series has provided a glimpse into the lives of both wealthy, land owning British aristocracy, and their incredibly hard working, underprivileged house staff.

Season 1, which was set in Spring of 1912, began airing in the United States in 2011. The following 5 seasons have seen the Lord and Lady Grantham and inhabitants of Downton Abbey through World War I and into the roaring 20s. With them, the viewers have been witness to births and deaths, marriage and infidelity, sickness and heath, humor and a great deal of scandal.

For many fans, the start of the final season is bittersweet. A full calendar year has passed since we last caught up with the inhabitants of Downton Abbey, and the return of the show is thrilling, however, it is also the British show’s final season.

To ease the loss of the series’ end, the Attleboro Public Library has created ahighclere castle display of fiction and non-fiction books, audiobooks, and DVDs that highlight the series, the time period and the style of the show. Whether you are interested in the “real” Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle, want to catch up on previous seasons of the show, or want to read books about British aristocracy, we have a great selection for you! Also, check out the APL’s Downton Abbey Pinterest page for links to books and websites that are related to this popular series!