Patron Conduct



Respect is central to the optimal running of our community based library.  Our expectations are that customers respect our staff, our patrons, our building, our grounds, our materials, our resources, and our programs.  In return, you should expect the same respect from us.

  1. All individuals are welcome at the Attleboro Public Library.  We ask that you wear appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes.   We will invite you to come back at another time if this cannot be accomplished.
  2. Patrons come to the Library for quiet space as well as meeting space.  Please seek appropriate quiet spaces as well as appropriate gathering spaces.  Noise levels should be kept at a minimum.  Staff will let you know if your activity is above acceptable levels as well as advise you of areas that will best meet your needs. 
  3. The Library is a family friendly institution that seeks ways to develop a safe environment for all of our patrons.   Physical or verbal harassment will not be tolerated on our premises.  This includes the intentional displaying of pornographic materials on Library property.   It is our policy not to determine the extent of such activity, but to allow the proper authorities to deal with such behavior. 
  4. We want all our patrons to enjoy their time at the Library.  Patrons may be required to leave the Library premises if their personal hygiene interferes with the orderly operations of the library or with the ability of other patrons to use and enjoy the facility. 
  5. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while on Library property.  Children aged six and younger may not be left unattended.    If such an incidence occurs and a person of authority cannot be found, it will be reported to the local police department. 
  6. Your personal belongings are your responsibility.  If you lose something of value while visiting the Library, we encourage you to notify the proper authority.    Personal property should not be left unattended.  Unattended personal property may be reported to the police. 
  7. In our effort to provide an unobtrusive Library experience we do not allow anyone to canvas, solicit, or distribute leaflets on Library property.   Approved materials from non-profit organizations are afforded space on our community bulletin board and at our community information areas. 
  8. For everyone’s health and well being, we do not allow for the use of intoxicating liquors, drugs, or any tobacco/smoking products on Library property.  Such activity will be reported to the police when noticed. 
  9. The Attleboro Public Library provides a bicycle rack for all bikes.  Out of respect for the safety of our patrons all sports equipment, strollers, bags, personal belongings, etc. must be kept out of the common access areas. 
  10. The Library conducts several programs a year that include animals.  Such animals are accompanied by trainers or trained staff equipped with the appropriate means of handling their animals.  Only these approved program animals and assistive animals are allowed in the Library.  No other animals will be permitted in the Library. 
  11. We require individuals to ask for permission before using any type of recording device on Library property, be they visual or sound, if their intent is to record aspects of the Library- including, but not exclusive to programs, services, or patrons.