Public computers

PC Reservation is a software program which schedules your computer time and manages printing.

FAQs     4/2016                                                                                                                                                                    


How do I get on a computer? You can sign in at a computer, or during busy times, at the Reservation Station. Type in your library card barcode number and your PIN number.

If all computers are busy, a receipt will print indicating next available time and computer station number.

I have a library card, but I don’t have it with me. Can you look up my number? No. The system is intended to be self-service, and staff involvement is then counterproductive.

What is my PIN number? The last 4 digits of your home phone number.

Can I use my ALT ID? No, only barcode and PIN numbers will be accepted.

What is the time limit? The time limit for Internet computers is 60 minutes.

Can I use the computer more than once a day? PC usage is 2 sessions per day.

Can I use up someone else’s time if they don’t use it all? No. Time limits are enforced to provide equal and fair access.

Can I leave the computer for a minute without someone taking it? Yes. You will be able to “lock” the computer if you need to excuse yourself for a moment. Use the “Hide My Screen” function.

If I am running late, will I lose my time slot? A 10-minute grace period is allowed, but you will not get a full 60-minute session if you are late.

Will my valid SAILS library card work if I am not from Attleboro? Yes.

I don’t have a library card in this network. Can I use a computer? Yes. Massachusetts residents may apply for a library card after showing proof of address. Guest passes are available for out–of–state residents on a limited basis.

Can I reserve time over the phone or remotely? No, it is a self-serve, in-person system only.

How far in advance can I make a reservation? No advance reservations are allowed.

Does PC Reservation track where I go on the Internet, or control which web sites I can go to? PC Reservation is used as a scheduling tool only.


How do I print? Choose “Print.” ( Use “Print Preview” if you want to choose which pages will print.) Enter a job name on the blue pop-up screen. For easier printing, use the same name for all print jobs.

Is there a charge for printing? Yes, printing is $.20 per page for black and white.  Color printing is $.40 per page. Scanning to a USB is $.05 per page.

Do I pay for every page I print? Yes. In the “File” menu, use “Print Preview” to choose the pages that will print.

Where do I pay? All printing and payment is done from the central printer. Coins (no pennies, please!), $1, or $5 bills can be put into the coin box. Pages will not print until money is paid. Cash only, please. Printing costs cannot be added to your library account.

Can I download instead of printing? Yes, you can download to a flash drive. Results can also be e-mailed if you have an e-mail account with an online provider.