The Attleboro Free Public Library is governed by a Board of Trustees. Board members are members of the community who have volunteered their time to oversee the operation of the library and to serve as a liaison between the public and the Attleboro Public Library. In addition to advocating for the interests of the library, the Board of Trustees is responsible for the vision and operation of the library. Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the mayor upon acceptance by the Municipal Council.

The Attleboro Free Public Library Board of Trustees meets on the second Wednesday of each month (with no meetings held in July and August).

By-laws of the Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes/Virtual Meeting Recordings

The current Board of Trustees consists of:

  • Charles Oliver, President
  • Diane Mangiaratti, Vice President
  • Mahesh Patel, Treasurer
  • Patricia Svendsen, Secretary
  • Beth Gould
  • Cindy Lorincz
  • Judith Lusk
  • David Pierce
  • Tobey Reed