Wireless Printing

Wireless Printing at Attleboro Public Library  (updated June 2016) 

Printing from your laptop, tablet, or PDA from anywhere!

Note: Compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and picture files. (Microsoft Publisher is not supported.)

 Job sizes need to be under 5MB in size. You are allowed 100 print jobs per day.

1)  Register for a wireless printing account (First use only; if already registered, go to Step 2). Important: Our wireless printing service was recently upgraded as of 6/2016. If you registered your e-mail address before this date, you may need to register again at the website listed below.

  • Go to https://siteup.ocsinc.ca/site/register
  • Enter your email address.
  • Select location “Attleboro Public Library”
  • Click “Register Email”
  • Open your email account and the email from OCSREDIRECTOR.
  • You will receive a unique email address and/or web address to email/upload your print jobs.

2)  Send your Print Job (from within the library OR from home!)

  • Go to https://siteup.ocsinc.ca/APLPrint
  • Enter your email address
  • You have the option to (1) copy and paste a URL or (2) upload a print job.
  • Select “B&W” or “Color” option.
  • Click “Submit” and note your print job ID.
  • A confirmation number (JOB ID) will appear on screen. Keep note of this number- your JOB ID will never change.


3)  Pay and release print job at the library (NOTE: Print jobs will remain in the queue for 48 hours)

  • Go to the 2nd floor multifunction printer (there will be a small delay)
  • Touch the “Release Jobs” button.
  • Enter your confirmation number (JOB ID).
  • Follow payment instructions – B&W = $.20/page, or Color = $.40/page. Cash/coins only.

Questions? Contact Reference Department at apl_ref@sailsinc.org or 508-222-0157 x 14


Attleboro Public Library

74 North Main Street

Attleboro, MA 02703


Updated 6/9/2016