Cool Apps

NASA app (Android, iOS) –  Information-packed tool delivers videos, photos, and more

Art of Glow (Android, iOS)- Create free, simple, mesmerizing art with a finger twirl

Sushi Monster (iOS) – clever & challenging addition & multiplication practice

Feel Electric (Android, iOS) – Electric Company app helps kids to express emotions

Toontastic (iOS) – create amazing multi-scene cartoons with musical scores

StoryLines (iOS)- Pass-and-play fun for families, friends; FB play optional

Color Uncovered (iOS)- Science education with just enough interactivity to be fun

TapQuiz Maps World Edition (iOS) – Find-the-country geography app with detailed statistics

100 Floors (Android, iOS) – Brainteasers to challenge even the most serious puzzle fans

StoryKit (iOS) – Kids can create and edit their own picture books

Brushes 3 (iOS) – Painting app offers lots of options for creative expression