Was the Book Better? You Can Decide for Yourself

Those are books. That's what they make movies fromAh, the age old question… which was better, the book or the movie?

Book lovers can get fiercely protective of the stories they love, and movie lovers are often surprised to hear that a favorite film had a literary inspiration. Sometimes it is obvious when a movie starts as a book, like “Unbroken” or “Gone Girl,” but did you know that some of your beloved movies like “Stand by Me” and “Nanny McPhee” started life in print?

books-to-filmsThe APL honors both formats in its collections with a pair of displays currently in the Main Lobby: “Films Based on Books” and “You’ve Seen the Movie, Now Read the Book.” These displays offer items from a variety of genres, for a wide range of audiences, from kid’s tales to nail biting thrillers.

You can check out a new or favorite movie and then read that book that inspired it. Or see how Hollywood handled your favorite book, and discover a different way to imagine the tale.popcorn-1

So judge for yourself which was better, or better yet, discover a new author or genre that may have never attracted you before!  YOUR Attleboro Public Library, books and so much more!