Reading Wordless Picture Books

For some children, it is difficult to sit still long enough to read.  Age, attention span and literacy skills can all be factors that make it difficult to share books with a child.  That’s where wordless picture books come in!

Sharing a wordless book with your child can often be an effective way to engage them in reading without using the written word.  Wordless picture books can help spark a child’s imagination.  Use wordless books to ask questions.  What do you think is happening?  What is this character thinking?  Children become the storyteller!

Wordless books are a terrific way to build important literacy skills, including listening, vocabulary, comprehension and an increased awareness of how stories are structured.  Children can begin to see how one situation leads to another.

Children and adults alike can really pore over the pictures and create their own story in their own words. Wordless books can also be used in ELL classrooms and with struggling readers.