MOBYpacks! NEW at YOUR Library

MOBYpacks are themed backpacks filled with fun, toy-like tools families can use together to explore the world around them. These kits were inspired by those used in other Massachusetts libraries. They allow us to continue our efforts to bring STEAM opportunities to our community.

MOBY stands for My Own BackYard and each backpack focuses on a theme in nature. There are eight different themed packs; insects, trees, astronomy, butterflies & moths, animal tracks, wildflowers, bird watching and reptiles & amphibians.  Each pack contains books and hands-on activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. MOBYpacks all include a journal for sharing experiences with future users. Everyone is encouraged to write/draw in the journal as a way to inspire others.  We want everyone to share their story!

Each backpack can be checked out for up to two weeks at a time.  Want to share pictures of your adventures on social media?  Just use the hashtag #MOBYpack!  We’d love to share your pictures on the APL Facebook page and Twitter account, too. Just send them to us at

Visit the APL Children’s Room and find out how you and your family can check out these exciting new additions to the Attleboro Library’s collection!