The APL Celebrates Diversity

display on orange wallThe world in which we live is a diverse one, filled with people from many cultures and backgrounds, and the Attleboro Public Library’s collections and displays seek to reflect and celebrate that variety.

Throughout the year, the APL strives to highlight collections which reveal the variety of patrons in the Attleboro area, and the world. From Black History Month in February to Native American Heritage Month in November; from Autism Awareness in April to Domestic Violence Awareness in October; the APL seeks to inform, enlighten, celebrate, and unite.

We live in a multicultural community, in a multicultural world. As humans, we reflect a rainbow of personalities, skin tones, opinions, and ideas. The APL is a place where we can photo 2come together, learn from each other, and about each other, without judgement or criticism.

Come visit the 2nd floor of the APL to see one of our newest displays – Celebrate Diversity. We have collected fiction and embrace diversitynon-fiction from throughout the library to echo the cultures and experiences of our neighbors and friends.

Choose a book that mirrors your experience, or find a book that introduces you to a new culture.  Learn about Native Americans or read the first person account of living with mental illness. Embrace the diversity that surrounds us and see past the differences.

“We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.” Maya Angelou

The APL curates ongoing Pinterest Boards on a variety of topics, as well as online resources and eBooks. Please visit us anytime on our web page.