Sharing Stories, Making Memories at Thanksgiving

downloadIn addition to sharing a meal this Thanksgiving, why not also share some memories? The Attleboro Library has been inspired by StoryCorps’ Great Thanksgiving Listen and asked a devoted family researcher how she started documenting her family’s story. We hope it inspires you to collect the stories of your loved ones.

Bette-Ann Kile, a member of the APL Genealogy Club, thinks that “Thanksgiving time, or any time the family (especially the elders) are together is a wonderful time to sit around and ask questions, share factual events that family members remember.”

local history roomKile has been researching her family’s history for many years. “My genealogy adventure started as a high school history project. I’ve continued with my research off and on ever since that history project, I was hooked!” She has been able to trace both her maternal and paternal side of her family “back to the early 1600’s here in the USA and 1500’s in England.” She thinks the opportunity to share memories can be a fleeting one, so it’s important for memories to be “written down as accurately as possible and shared with future generations.”

The Genealogy Club will meet again on Saturday, January 23, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. You can register at or call us at 508-222-0157.