Census 2020 – Everyone Counts!

The Attleboro Public Library is part of the city’s Complete Count Committee, a group formed to ensure that everyone living in Attleboro gets counted. Many of Attleboro’s services rely on an accurate count in order to get the proper funding for programs. Libraries, hospitals, schools, lunch programs and more are all effected. The census also effects our representation in Congress.

On or about March 12, every household will receive a postcard with a unique identifier, asking them to complete the census online. You can also respond by phone or by mail. Residents without internet access are invited to visit the library and use the computers here. If, after receiving additional postcard reminders, a household hasn’t completed the questionnaire, a census worker will visit the address. Census workers WILL NOT ask for your social security number, money or donations, anything on behalf of a political party, or bank or credit card numbers.

The 2020 Census consists of 10 simple questions you can find here. Answers are confidential. Have questions? We can help you find answers. Census Partnership Specialist, Danielle Boulay, will be at the Library on Monday, March 16th at 6:30pm to make a formal presentation. Reserve your seat HERE.