APL Building Needs Assessment Update

As the next step in the Municipal Building Commission’s (MBC) analysis of the infrastructure repairs needed at the APL, Aaron Cohen Associates (ACA), a consulting firm, conducted a two-day space needs assessment on the library. Our building was toured by the consultants and community members, staff was interviewed, library collections, available public seating, meeting rooms, and square footage were calculated. Alex Cohen of ACA presented his final report in a public meeting at the library on June 10.  His slideshow presentation, as well as links to DoubleACS’s recording of the meeting, is now available on this page of our website. Use the link on the video to the right to view the preview from DoubleACS.

In a follow-up joint MBC-Library Board of Trustees public meeting on July 2 at City Hall, the MBC approved additional design work to be completed by Joel Bargmann of Bargmann, Hendrie + Archetype, Inc. (BH+A) to take the findings from the ACA study and create and design that will encompass the overlay of the recommendations into the existing footprint of the library. BH+A was further charged with providing the MBC with comparable pricing for a similar new build of a library.

Keep an eye on our page for more updates. We expect to have more information later in August.