Celebrating National Library Week

April 8-14 is National Library Week, the 60th year of acknowledging the important role libraries and library staff have played in our lives and community. With “Libraries Transform” as the National Lifelong Learning Campaign, the American Library Association is involving libraries and their patrons in the effort to promote the importance of libraries.

At your Attleboro Public Library (APL), we embrace the challenge of bringing lifelong literacy and information seeking skills and resources to our community. Enabling individuals to use their Imagination for Inspiration to pursue Information through Innovation is our goal and destiny as a modern day Library. We seek ways to bring words, stories, and experiences alive through free and grant funded programming like the National Endowment for the Arts Big Read; Mind in the Making; Curiosity Creates; Strengthening Communities Through Libraries; Tween/Teen Hi-Tech Club; Ask a Lawyer; Genealogy Club; Discussion Groups; Writing Opportunities; and Yoga. STEM/STREAM (Science Technology Engineering Math/Science Technology Reading/Writing Engineering Arts Math) programming is conducted at the Library and at many local non-profit partnering agencies to provide a hands on understanding of our community and world. Our soon-to-be available Technology Lab will add a new dimension to our ability to familiarize all ages with computer skills, everyday apps, and the ever present coding in our lives.

APL staff members are dedicated to bringing information and experiences to you through the materials we buy, the programs we offer, the technology we have available, the support we give in assisting you, and the space we provide for individual and group endeavors. The Trustees help set policies to ensure the library is a safe community space for all. The Friends of Attleboro Library not only fundraise for library needs, they also bring us innovative programs such as the International Coffee/Tea events with The Literacy Center, speakers, and oversee the Book Nook. Our patron and senior volunteers often provide programming and advice in their area of expertise, as well as assist with some of the time-consuming tasks that go into maintaining order in our collections. All of these efforts are helping to transform our Library in meeting our current and future community needs.

So, stop in during National Library Week. Our Greetings Table in the vestibule will be featuring Trustees, Friends, Volunteers, and Staff Members with different activities during the week. These include a welcoming coffee, an update on library information and happenings, and a quick review of downloading apps on your phone. We want to take the opportunity during this particular week to THANK YOU for your support of Libraries! Please explore our website to find out more!