Home Learning Resources Collection

Children don’t come with an instruction manual. That’s why we’ve assembled this coLearning Rescources booksllection of books on parenting issues from pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding right up through adolescent rebellion. We also have books for home schoolers, pre-school teachers, day-care providers and anyone concerned with children!  Also part of this collection are picture books intended for children and parents to use together to help families deal with sensitive issues such as divorce, illness, death, sexuality and others.

One of the many highlights of the Home Learning Resources Collection are the “Engineering is Elementary” (EiE) curriculum binders that were developed by the Museum of Science, Boston.  There are 20 different binders that ranges from grades 1-5 and each contains an entire unit devoted to engineering design challenges.  Families can use EiE units in any order—they don’t follow a particular sequence or build on previous units.

The Attleboro Library is always working toward improving our services to families.  We, as a library, strive to effectively meet your education needs.  If you have suggestions for this collection that you would like us to consider, please contact Mrs. Krystal Brown, Children’s Librarian at 508-222-7820 or by e-mail attleborokids@sailsinc.org.

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