Internet Use Policy

Rules for Use of the Internet Service

1. All persons who wish to use the Internet service must register. Patrons in the eighth grade or less must either present a card that indicates that a written statement of permission has been signed by a parent or guardian and has been marked by the library OR have a parent or guardian present when using the Internet.

2. All stations will be available on a “first come, first serve” basis with a half-hour time limit.

3. Users in the ninth grade and older will have access in the Reference Department.

4. Users in the eighth grade or younger must use the Children’s Room station unless accompanied by a parent.

If all computers in the Children’s Room are being used, patrons in the 8th grade or under must sign up in the Children’s Room and wait their turn.

5. Adults with small children may use the Children’s Room Stations.

6. The service may be used by only one person at a time.

7. Users of the service are reminded that the library’s Patron Policy states that

“Physical, verbal, or any other form of harassment of staff or patrons will not be tolerated. This includes the intentional displaying of pornographic pictures from the Internet on a public computer in the Library.” Those who violate this policy will lose privileges.

8. Library staff will assist users in initial log-on to the computer, and will make available written instructions, lists of recommended sites, and recommended books on how to use the Internet. Periodically there will be instruction sessions on Internet use. Staff can not give detailed instruction on demand at all times the service is available.

9. Users of the service are reminded that computer functions from the Internet may be time-consuming. Staff will cancel all functions at the end of the session. There will be no exceptions.

10. The library can not guarantee your privacy while using our equipment. This is a public environment and our equipment should not be used as a personal computer.

11. Misuse of the computer will result in the loss of computer privileges, potential loss of library privileges and possible prosecution. Such misuse includes, but is not limited to. using the computer for illegal activities; hacking in to the library computer system or any other computer system; damaging or attempting to damage computer equipment or software; interfering with systems operations, integrity or security; gaining unauthorized access to another person’s files: sending harassing messages to other computer users; altering or attempting to alter the library’s computer settings; and violating copy right laws and software licensing agreements.

12. These rules will be posted in each service area in which Internet access is provided. Signing in to use the computers shall be acknowledgement and acceptance of these rules.