Curbside Pickup FAQ

What is curbside pickup service?

Curbside pickup is a service that the Attleboro Public Library is offering while the library building is closed to the public. Through this service, you may request library materials ahead of time to borrow and pick up at a scheduled time outside the library.

How do I let the library know the titles that I want to borrow?

  • You may place your own hold requests through the library catalog. This video shows you how.
  • If you need assistance, you may contact the library by:

What if I need assistance in selecting materials for my children?

If you are unsure of exact titles or need assistance in selecting materials for children, please call 508-222-7820 during library business hours. Youth Services librarians are available to help with book selection based on age group, reading level, and areas of interest. This service is also available for teens. You may also send an email to

How many holds am I allowed to request at one time?

You may request up to 20 holds online per library card through the library catalog. However, if you need assistance with placing holds, a librarian can help you place up to 10 hold requests. Requests for items on Summer Reading lists will be limited to ensure fair access.

Can I use the curbside pickup service if I don’t have a library card?

You will need to have a library card before placing hold requests. You may fill out an online application for a temporary library card here or call 508-222-0157. Library staff will contact you with your library card information, and hold requests may be placed at that time. You may pick up your permanent library card along with your requested library materials during your pickup appointment. You must bring current proof of address to receive your new card.

I have a temporary library card. May I use that to place holds?

Temporary library cards will eventually expire. Please contact the library at 508-222-0157 to request a permanent library card. You may pick up your library card when you pick up your materials. You must bring current proof of address to receive your new card.

Am I able to place a hold request for items at other libraries?

Yes, you may place holds for items at other libraries within our SAILS network through our catalog, but quarantine time will make those holds take a little longer. Watch this video to learn how to locate items on the shelf at the Attleboro Public Library.

When can I pick up the library items that are on hold for me?

Once you receive notification that your items are here, call the library at 508-222-0157 to set up a time for delivery. You may also call us from the parking lot during business hours, and someone will bring your items to you.

What are the available pickup times?

There are weekday, evening (Thursday only), and Saturday pickup times available. A staff member can give you all of the available pickup appointments.

What is the curbside pickup procedure?

When you arrive at the Library, park in one of the spots facing the library (i.e., the 30-minute parking spaces). Give us a call with your name and vehicle description, and a staff member will come out with your bagged items. Please open or unlock your trunk or back doors, and staff will place the bag inside. If you do not require a bag, please let us know.

Where should I park for my curbside pickup appointment?

Park in the 30-minute parking spaces (i.e., the ones closest to the door). If those spaces are occupied, please park in a three-hour library spot along the back fence until a pickup spot becomes available.

What if I won’t be arriving in a car?

There is a sign at the Library entrance for walkers. Please wait by this sign. Staff will hand-deliver your items to you outside the building.

How do I change my pickup appointment?

Please call the library at 508-222-0157 between 8:30am and 4:30pm daily except Thursdays, when the hours are 12:30-8:30pm; and Sundays, when the library is closed. Appointments can be rescheduled based on availability.

I have library materials to return. Can I give them to the staff while picking up new library materials?

Yes, but within reason. If you have many materials to return to us, we ask that you kindly place them in a plastic or paper bag to make it easier for the staff member to carry back into the building. If you do not have a bag available for your many returns, then we respectfully ask that you return them via the library’s book drop, which is a small, silver door located to the left of the main entrance. Due dates will continue to be extended as necessary. Overdue fines are not being charged until further notice.