Social Sciences

Communications and Mass Media Collection Key subjects covered include: advertising and public relations, literature and writing, linguistics, and many more.

Criminal Justice Collection  Targeted collection of 700+ journals covering criminal justice including law enforcement, paralegal topics, and homeland security.

Environmental Studies and Policy Collection Targeted collection of 700+ journals and reference books covering environmental issues policies from scientific, government and industry perspectives.

Information Science and Technology Collection This collection, comprised of content from more than 100 leading industry journals, provides current and accurate information for this fast-moving field

Insurance and Liability Collection This collection, of journals, takes a broad view of this multimillion dollar industry, covering such topics as labor relations, mortgage banking, legal issues, and more.

Military and Intelligence Database Collection Key subjects covered include: socioeconomic effects of war, governmental policies, the structure of armed forces, and many more

War and Terrorism Collection A definitive periodical collection of hand selected titles for analysts, risk management professionals and students of military science, history, social science.