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Library Card… There’s an app for that!

Is your library card ragged, lost, or hard to find next to countless other cards you carry? If you have a smart phone, you no longer need to bring your physical card to the library. Just download the Cardstar app and type in your library card number. Our scanners can read the barcode straight off of your screen. […]

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Downloaded any good books lately?

The Attleboro Public Library offers free downloads of thousands of book titles. Select books from home 24 hours a day and download them straight to your computer, tablet, eReader, or smart phone. There are no late fees because the books automatically return themselves once the checkout period expires. The library provides downloadable books through  Overdrive, […]

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Pay your library fines online

The Attleboro Public Library is pleased to announce that you can now pay your library fines using your credit or debit card. We know that you don’t always carry cash with you when you come to the library. Or maybe you do, but you’d just rather pay your library bills from the comfort and privacy […]

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