Smart Pay

The SAILS Library Network and the Attleboro Public Library now provide the ability to securely pay fines and fees on your library account or donate via credit or debit card using Smart Pay. You’ll need:

  • Your library card and PIN to log into SmartPay and access your library account.
  • Your Discover, MasterCard or VISA credit/debit card

Bill Pay

How does this work?

The online payment system provides real-time updating of your records on the Library’s circulation system – 24/7. SmartPay requires a minimum payment of $1 which can come from a combination of multiple fines. There is a $.25 credit card processing fee per transaction, not per individual fine paid. You’ll see your balance, select items to pay, and securely charge your credit card.

  • A third party provider (Smart Pay) is used in the process to pay fines, fees or donate, or otherwise initiate credit/debit card transactions via the library’s website.
  • The transaction is protected by SSL certification, a protocol for transmitting data securely.
  • Smart Pay also complies with PCI-DSS standards (PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.)
  • SAILS Library network and Attleboro Public Library do not collect or store any personal information or credit/debit card processing data collected from the SmartPay site.
  • Library fines and fees are cleared automatically from your library account during the payment process.
  • A failed transaction may leave a pending charge on your account. Amounts normally clear within 24 hours
  • When you select “SmartPay” you are leaving the Attleboro Public Library website and will be directed to SmartPay, an online resource to pay library fines and fees. Technical requirements and services are the sole responsibility of SmartPay. By proceeding you agree to accept and assume all risks and responsibilities for the losses and damages that may arise from your use of SmartPay and release SAILS and its member libraries from all liability.

*SmartPAY meets the PCI DSS standard and current state privacy regulations, as well as the security requirements of every major card processor and financial institution.

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