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The Social Side of Reading

Each month the Attleboro Library hosts programs based on a variety of titles and genres for readers of all ages. We are proud to offer opportunities for our community to discuss the ideas inspired by their reading. Our schedule includes groups for children, adults and seniors on weekday mornings and evenings, and on Saturday afternoons. Different groups […]

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The Big Read 2013

The Big Read is once again coming to Attleboro. This year’s book is True Grit  by Charles Portis. This timeless Western follows a teenage girl as she tried to find the person who killed her father. Check out the Attleboro’s 1ABC website to find out more about the book, the Big Read, and the events […]

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Book discussion

Next “Fiction Reflects Life” book The Attleboro Public Library will host an evening book discussion program at 7 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 8, in the trustee room led by Christine LeFort, reader services coordinator and fiction buyer for the library. This is the next book in the second series of the “Fiction Reflects Life” book discussions dealing with relevant topics. The chosen book will be […]

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