Book Groups

All Attleboro area book groups are welcome to create a “Book Group” account at the Attleboro Public Library.  Groups are not required to meet in the library.

All book groups will:

  • Provide a contact person and e-mail contact information
  • Provide a schedule of titles chosen and meeting dates
  • Provide a list of alternate titles in the event a title/copies are not available
  • Provide a name for their book group
  • Provide number of copies required

If you would like to set up an account for your book group, please contact the Reference Department at

Reference Department will:

  • Create account for each book group
  • Place holds for book groups
  • Post current & accurate signage on group holds box
  • Be primary contact for book groups

Member Tips:

  • Members will pickup books from the holds area.
  • Books will be held in crate labeled with book club name.
  • Books will then be checked out to individual patron accounts.

Please note that the library is not able to advance book group titles on any waitlist.  We cannot guarantee availability of titles.

Existing On-Site Book Groups

  • APL Adult Book Club – first Wednesday of the month
  • APL WWII Non Fiction Book Club – Meets monthly on Saturdays* at 2 PM. Please check the library  Calendar of Events for specific dates. * July meeting is on Thursday at 7 PM; this group does not meet in August.
  • Biography Book Group – first Monday of the month100_1805
  • Book Hungry Sock Monkeys (middle school book club) – third Friday of the month
  • Fiction Reflects Life Book Group – one Thursday night and one Saturday morning a month
  • Parent / Child Book Group – last Monday of the month
  • Parents’ Book Club – last Wednesday of the month
  • Teen Book Club – one Friday a month